Range Officer Volunteers, Public Shooting Hours

Sioux River Sportsmen’s Club is seeking club members to volunteer to serve as range officers. Range officers (RO’s) would open the club up to public shooting by nonmembers and also earn a benefit at the same time.

A member who becomes a range officer and works a four-hour shift at least twice a year will earn the benefit of being able to bring guests to the club. Member who bring guests will have to ensure that their guests pay a $15 range fee. The number of guests allowed to be brought in by a member is limited to 4. RO’s will get the benefit of bringing guests to the club upon completion of training, but if they do not serve their two shifts, they will lose their guest privileges and no longer be eligible to be an RO.

Public shooting hours will only exist if an RO volunteers for a shift. If an RO is not present and volunteers to be on duty, public shooting will not happen. Members are always allowed during public shooting hours.

Members who wish to become club range officers must attend an in-person training session. RO’s will be trained on range rules, safe gun handling, how to handle shooters on the range, emergency procedures, and how check members and nonmembers in during public shooting hours.

When working a shift, RO’s will be responsible for taking credit card payments from nonmembers on a tablet, watching for safety and range rule violations, checking cards against the member list, and a chore here and there like emptying garbage cans, target stand maintenance, and anything else they are willing to do to help out.

Anyone covered by a membership, meaning a spouse and children under 18 years of age are not counted as guests. Anyone who is not covered under the membership is a guest.

If you are interested in becoming a range officer, please sign up here.

The first meeting and training session will be on May 23 at 7pm in the clubhouse. Subsequent training meetings will be held monthly or as demand requires. Check the club event calendar for RO training meetings.