Sioux River Sportsmen’s Club is a members only facility that currently features rifle ranges, pistol bays, and trapshooting opportunities. It is accessible with RFID card access any time. Purchase your membership to get access the same day. There is no range officer on duty. You cannot purchase a membership at the club.

We have a 100 and a 300 yard rifle range. Both ranges have steel permanently installed for members to shoot along with target backers for paper targets. Please, no steel core ammo (M855) on the steel.

There are 9 short range pistol bays. The three east bays are only used for matches and are closed when the 300 yard rifle range is open. The other six are free to use for members. Three of those bays have steel and target backers for paper. Bring your own target stands and use any of the other three bays. Rifles may be shot in the pistol bays, but not on steel. Only pistol calibers may be shot at steel.

We also have a trap field with automatic thrower in the west trap house available to members. Just bring your own clays!

Click for full size view of range
Click for full size view of range