The only membership option available is an annual family membership. There are no longer single day passes nor are there individual annual passes. 2020 memberships are now offered at ($70) and are valid until March 31st 2020. These are available at Canton Farm and Home during their regular business hours (764-6131) which is 2 blocks South of the County Courthouse. Any current members who holds an existing RFID card will be able to renew for $60 for 2020.

***2020 RENEWALS****



If any problems arise while trying to purchase or renew a membership online, email, or call 605-951-0477.

If you want to shoot today or in the very near future, please purchase a membership in person at Canton Home and FarmMidwest Precision Arms in CantonBlue Collar Tactical in Sioux Falls, or Gary’s Gun Shop in Sioux Falls. This is really the best option. You will get an RFID card immediately and have access to the range right away.

***Donations*** Beyond your membership fee, we would appreciate any financial support that you may be able to offer. We’ve blown through a lot of our cash on hand to make improvements to the range, namely the electronic gate and berm construction, and lighting. The pace of this project is dictated by cash on hand. We are getting a good deal on the construction, but the big expense is the cost of trucking the dirt to our site which equates to about $100 +/- per load depending on distance to the dirt source. Any extra funds you provide will assist us to complete this even faster! We appreciate your consideration.

If you do not renew by April 15th (ish), your RFID card will be shut off and you will need to purchase a new membership at the $60 rate if you have an RFID card to turn in or $70.00 rate if you lost your card. One major change is that we recently installed an electronic gate with an RFID card reader. When you purchase your membership, you will be issued a RFID card that will allow you to access the range 24/7/365. You are responsible for your card. The first replacement card is $10 and subsequent replacements are $20. Allow one full week for your replacement card to be issued and activated.

Range safety rules are clearly posted. Your safety is our top concern so please note these rules. If you witness blatant violations of these safety procedures please contact one of the listed Board members. For emergencies contact local law enforcement / EMS at 911.

Historically, memberships run April 1 through the next April.

Family memberships cover the registered member along with a spouse and children/step-children (minors only), and grandchildren (minors only). Children and grandchildren age 18 and over must have their own membership. Minors (17 and under) must have adult supervision at all times. Families allowing minors to use the range unsupervised will forfeit current and future membership privileges.