What to Know About USPSA Matches

We’re closing in on our first USPSA match at Sioux River Sportsmen’s Club and as of right now it is over half full. If you are new to USPSA, or have only shot our Top Cop 3-gun match before there are some things you need to know.

Register on Practiscore, Pay on SiouxRiverSportsmen.com

To register for the match you must sign up on Practiscore.com. Under clubs search for Sioux River and you will find us, then select the match you want to register for. After you register, pay on our website at the link in the main menu or click here.

USPSA Matches are Pistol Only (or PCC)

We’ve received a few emails asking about various rifles and shotguns that can be used. A regular USPSA match is for handguns or pistol caliber carbines. They are not 2-gun or 3-gun matches. We will have those types of matches in the future under the USPSA Multigun rules, but the title of the match will explicitly say it is for more than one gun.

Safety Rules are Strict and Violation Results in DQ

As a USPSA affliated club we must follow the USPSA rules. This may be something different for people new to the sport.

Guns can only be taken out of bags and handled at the designated safe tables. There will be two of these and will be clearly marked with a safe area and orange paint. The range is cold at all times except for the shooter who is up. You may not take you pistol out of it’s holster at any time, and it must be decocked, unloaded, and no magazine in the gun.

Do not get your gun out of its case at your vehicle. If you walk up with an empty holstered gun in your holster you will risk a DQ. Just get the gun out of its case at the safe table and holster it.

If you have a gun problem that needs to be worked on, you may only do that at a safe table. You cannot do it anywhere else. See the full USPSA rules here.

You Don’t Need the Fancy Equipment to Start Shooting

The only required equipment to shoot USPSA is a belt and holster for a pistol. You don’t have to have magazine pouches, but they certainly help. You also don’t need the fancy belt set up. If you have a leather belt and a holster you can play the game. To shoot PCC (an AR-15 or other semi-auto 9mm rifle) you just need a case and a chamber flag. Again a mag pouch on your belt is helpful but pockets are okay too.

One type of holster that is not allowed is a drop-leg holster. All holsters in all divisions must be high enough that the heel of the pistol grip is at least as high as the top of the belt.