USPSA DARK match on April 8

We will be kicking off the 2023 USPSA season with the DARK match on Saturday April 8. Setup will start at 5pm and shooting will start at 8pm. Register on Practiscore.


One type of light will be allowed in the written stage brief on each stage. You may either use weapon-mounted light, a headlamp, or a handheld flashlight. If you have a weapon-mounted light but not a holster, then a headlamp would be your best bet.

Setup will start at 5pm, shooting to start when setup is done, hopefully by 7pm.

All USPSA divisions will be allowed, but it will be dark. Plan accordingly. Handheld flashlights or headlamps are allowed as are weapon-mounted lights.

All competitors will be required to wear a chem light tied to their belts. Chem lights are provided by the match, you don’t need to bring your own.

Night vision may be allowed to be used by shooters on a case-by-case basis. It will be completely subjective on the part of the match director. If you have shot our matches in the past and have participated in them safely, and in the opinion of the match director you have a reputation for being safe, you will be allowed to wear and use night vision. If you have never shot a match at our club before, or this is your first match, you will not be allowed to use night vision. The reason for this policy is that the range officer will not be able to see the gun while the competitor is shooting. Those permitted to use night vision may be required to wear additional chem lights.

Withdrawal from the match will get a refund will have credit card fees deducted from the refund. No refunds are granted within 24 hours of the match.

If you have never shot USPSA before, here is what you can expect.