USPSA Schedule for 2021

The USPSA schedule for 2021 will be a little different. With a lot of big matches nearby and hosting our first Level II match, the Great Plains Section Championship July 17-18, plus with all the Sunday matches with Sioux Falls Practical Shooters, we are going to do the bulk of our club matches on Wednesday nights. They will feature 3 or 4 stages, typically a classifier, a short, medium, and long course. They will also only require about 75 rounds (if you don’t miss). Register for the matches on

Here’s the 2021 schedule:

March 28 – Superclassifier

April 11 – 6 Stage match

May 26 – Wed Night

June 23 – Wed Night

July 17-18 – Great Plains Section Championship

July 28 – Wed Night

Aug 25 – Wed Night

Sept 22 – Wed Night

Will we have a 2-gun or 3-gun match beyond Top Cop. Maybe? But I’m not going to plan it. All of my time is spoken for. Would you like to be the match director for a match? If so, contact Andy at